Shipping Instructions


1. Use the following instructions to take apart your upper receiver before sending it to me. I have found that using a heat gun will soften the red loctite enough to break it loose.

2. If you are having the barrel shortened then send the complete upper minus the bolt assembly. I will NOT send all of your stock parts back unless you let me know that you want them back.

3. Print the e-mail of the quote with the color of the receiver and the color of the rails and send with the parts.

4. Make sure you send the return address to where I am to send it back.


6. Send payment in the form of a personal check, money order, or bank certified check. If I am painting the parts it takes a week for the paint to fully cure so the personal check will have time to clear before I ship back. If you are not having me paint then you will need to send a money order or bank certified check. I can also take Pay Pal but will pass the 3% extra cost to you. Let me know you want to send payment via Pay Pal and I will send you a request for payment.

Payment can be made to Ken McAlister or K&M Aerospace. I prefer payment to be made direct to me but either works.

Send to:

K&M Aerospace


2040 S. Alma School Rd. Ste 1

Chandler, AZ 85286-0987


You can use any carrier you want, UPS, FEDEX, USPS. Pack it good so the upper will not break through the box when shipping. I will probably not reuse your existing packaging. I will wrap the parts in bubble wrap, and ship it in a triangle tube via UPS back to you. If you are at a PO box or APO then it will have to go USPS. DO NOT send in a padded rifle case as this cost you and me more money to ship.

You are shipping gun parts so it is legal to take to any of the shippers and send the parts through the mail and not have to go through a FFL. You do not have to send them over night or 2 day as you are not shipping a firearm. You can just send regular ground unless you want me to get it faster. That is the main reason for you keeping the lower as that is considered the firearm and that is what is registered to you.

Turn around time? It usually takes me a week to work it into the schedule and then a week for the paint to dry. So there is a minimum of 2 weeks. Current turn around time is 4 weeks. Depending on what projects are happening it could be shorter also. If you are having it Hydro Dipped it will add another 4 weeks for this process.

Package it good as you do not want it to end up like this!