Bushmaster M17s Modifications

History: I acquired my first Bushmaster M17s bullpup in a trade from a local guy here in Arizona. This was my first bullpup rifle in my collection. It is different than any other rifle I had, but it was a bit ugly. I started doing some research on all the different modifications that other people were doing and since I have my own shop the sky was the limit. I decided to do the simple slots on my first mod and then gave it a two tone finish in OD green. I posted some pictures on some forums and started getting a lot of inquires about the mod and decided to start offering this service to other M17s users. This service has exploded and with all the inquires I have received I needed to start this site. If you decide you want a mod that is shown or want to come up with your own configuration the sky is the limit. Just contact me and we can get your custom design started.


Download and view M17s user manual and other instructions here.